Transfer Maids Singapore

In Singapore people generally refer to domestic workers as maids, even if they are nannies, cooks, washerwomen, caregivers to the elderly and occasionally gardeners and pool maintenance personnel. Most importantly, some are a working mother's proxy, too. (Needless to say, some lay claim to skills they do not possess and are more justly called duds!)

Officially, they are known as Foreign Domestic Helpers and come from the neighbouring countries where the rate of unemployment is higher and job opportunities are harder to come by: the Philippines, Indonesia and Sri Lanka, to name a few sending countries.

There are those who are hired while still living in their country of domicile. Sometimes they are referred to as new maids, even if they have previously worked in Singapore and have much experience.

And there are others who are hired while still gainfully employed or who are otherwise living in Singapore and given leave by the Ministry of Manpower to to seek employment in Singapore. They are the so-called transfer maids. They can be Filipinos, Indonesians, Burmese (Myanmese) or Indians.

If you are looking to hire a Filipino maid (more properly domestic helper), an Indonesia maid or Sri Lankan maid, or seeking information concerning the hiring of a foreign domestic helper or just seeking relevant information, please click here to be redirected to an licenced agency which has been around for a long time.